Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful car has good shape

I looked a car next to me today.I saw nice channel on the body by nice angle sun light.
Oh! VW got good shape!nice channel! I don't know how it works though.I guess it works when it gets 100miles/hour.

San Diego tour

 I went to San Diego tour today.First stop is the Moonlight Glassing.They close 4PM and I was lost around there but they are very nice and waiting for me.When I got there it's already 4PM but they showed me in side of the factory and introducing and gave me a price list too.They are super nice people.Thank you so much!!!
I met a legend shaper Rich Pavel and he gave me some stickers.He is also super nice guy too.Thank you Rich Pavel!!!
After that I went to SurfySurfy but unfortunately they were closed.So I went to check wave at Beacon and looks pretty fun.I wish I could surf but I have bad knee now so not able to surf.I drove down the PCH and checked Swami's,Cardiff,Seaside reef.They were all surfable.I kept driving down to the La Jolla.And back to 805Fwy.
It's short trip but very fun time.I want to Surf.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surf injury

 Hi everyone!
I got sprain on my right knee from longboarding yesterday.I thought it's small wave at San O'.So I didn't warm up much as usual.I got lots of wave and last one was biggest that's like shoulder high though.When I took off and dropped,I felt sharp pain on my right knee but I rode it until the end.
I woke up this morning,I realized I'm not be able to walk and drive.So I canceled all schedule today.
Don't forget enough warming up,even though small wave.That's pretty sad about I can't surf for a while.
Take it easy~

High performance Nose rider

This board is amazing.This board goes soooo fast and make any section.I got in barrel at beach break with this one.No wonder Terry was coaching me when I shaped this board.So I asked him to put his sign and logo.
It came up looks cool too with my logo and his logo on white board.
Dim is 9'4" x 23 x 2 7/8
Double 4oz cloth on top and single 4 on bottom
Single concave - Double concave - Double barrel concave - Vee out
If you want me make like this,I would charge $420 to $440 with out fin.
You should order before I got famous!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shapers session

 I went to Terry's house today.He was shaping a 6'6"custom board that has double concave on deck.It's very deferent shape and very interesting.He taught me how to do it.I was watching and shooting video.
Another great shaper Danny showed up with his board that has concave deck also.It's a 5'8" thick and wide with flex single fin(2+1).We discus about surfboards that was so fun.

Terry gave me some macademia nuts.Taste good!Thank you Terry!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eat healthy n' happy surfing

 I made chicken ponzu today.It's not just fried chicken dipped in ponzu.
First of all,I made home made ponzu.It took couple month to get ready to eat.
The chicken is only grass feeded organic chicken.I chopped whole chicken and cut it small pieces.
And organic lettuce,onion and other ingredients.Everything is organic food.
This is Amazing taste I learned from a Japanese underground iron chef in Tokyo.I can't say his name but he is a legend.And I can't say exact receipt niether.If you want to eat this go to the fusion style restaurant "Hokkaido" in Tokyo,Japan.
I ate with bunch of white rice and I still have left over.I'm so happy!.Thanks Bucho!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Dragon"earliest in the morning

 I went to T-street this morning and I was a first guy at beach.
I went to bed early last night and woke up 3:30 in morning.I cooked big breakfast and ate.I got ready and outside was still dark.I checked outside air temperature but it wasn't so cold.It's looks like been rainy before and it's just lightly mist.So I went to ahead to a beach.
It's so fun biking trail in the dark with out a flash light.When I got there at 5AM,anyone at beach except me and a lady picking trash can.Wave was looks awesome,shoulder to headhigh at set and lightly off shore.Noone in water.Wave was breaking right there n there and over there.It's still not enough light but O.K.let's go,I'm alone though.
When I warming up,one guy was coming and that made me comfortable because in water by myself is not great situation just in case something happen.2 more guy was coming in and we're sharing good waves.
30minutes to a hour later,we had enough light but already 10-15 people out there.Also wind started blowing and no more glassy surface.After that crowd increased and windy and I was getting cold,I got a lot of backside lefty long riding today,so I got out of water.
I went home and ate second breakfast and took big nap.
By the way,my board "Dragon" is good for beach breaks,no wonder I made it for beach breaks.
Photo and shaped by Mitch

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Secret barrel

 My friend told me a secret point.It's actually not really secret for locals but it's a lot less people and breaks many spot.We checked out couple days ago but it wasn't so good and not big.
This afternoon,I went there by myself and it was looks good.Not so big but looks really fun.So I change to wetsuit right a way and get in water.A shoulder size wave was coming in front of me,so I caught a first wave.It's really good feeling.I was missing beach break for almost 2 month.Surfers are mellow and we had many breaks.About a hour later,I finished warming up then wind got calm down and surface was getting glassy.I was like "wow it's paradise".Wave was getting curly and I got in many barrels.I had 2 of shoulder size nice barrels to the left and got out of them.Wahoo!!!And one headhigh deep barrel with amazing view but I couldn't get out of it.But it's all good.
I met a nice grom surfer and gave him my card.He is a really nice guy and surfs good.I said "hi!"to his father too.
Today was a beautiful day.Thanks god.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beautiful curves of nature

Photo by Mitch
Look.What a beautiful flowers.I always inspired by nature,animals,and woman's body curves etc...Because they are so beautiful and made by not human.They are made by god.
Look.Each petal is looks like a surfboard.What a beautiful natural curves and each curves is deferent.Never been same.
I sometime play with petal.Let it float on water.Am I crazy?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where is my vintage surfboard?

This is the vintage board I used to ride.Local Motion Surfboards Hawaii,I guess it's from 80's.
A guy gave it to me for free with special board case.He used to surf but he got into Yoga and the board was in the garage.So it was almost new condition.
Beginning I didn't ride it but once I rode it's really good feeling.I rode it so much and I like twin fin.I went surfing with the twinfish and learned surfing a lot by the twinfish.
I like the looks too,and so many people said "that's cool board" or "How much would you sell it for?"But I kept and ride it and ride it.
One day I made a mistake.I sold it for $60 because I needed money that time.Stupid movement...
Let me know if you have this board or see this board.I'll be there and say "How much$$$?
Oh my goodness.O.K.! I will make a surfboard like this.
That's a good idea.Yes,I can do it! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Real Surf shop Terry Senate Surfboards

 I went to Terry Senate Surfboards shop today.And a first guy I talked to was the great shaper Terry Senate.

He is a very nice guy and show me some of his board.Once I told him about I'm shaping surfboards,he let me into his shaping room and let me watch his shaping.His shaping is so amazing.Very deferent from other shapers but I really like the way he shapes.I had a commitment but I cancel it because I really want to watch it and learn it.Of course he does 100% hand shape.He finished 2 boards in less than 2 hours and one of them he shapes in front of the customer who order custom board.That was really real stuff.Shaping room is in the back of shop and shaping in front of the customer.The customer was checking feeling the shaped board and stoked.He left with happy face.I think I saw real thing today.Thank you Terry Senate!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Japanese old school bike

This is HONDA CB750F.I like their beautiful curves and sound.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Finish 3 longboards before breakfast

I went to see Terry Martin this morning.He was shaping from 5AM.We were talking,Actually he was talking and I was listening and shooting video.He had a commitment on 8AM,so before that he completely finished three long boards from blank to final shape.I was watching all procedure and I though it's a magic.So fast and so accurate. I want to be like him.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anti Nuclear Rock

His name is Kiyoshiro Imawano.
He is a Japanese rock star and a vocal of the R.C. Saccession.
He sing Elvis Presley's song "Love Me Tender" in Japanese but he change the words to about "we don't want nuclear".
Unfortunately he passed a way in 2009 but his soul is still alive and forever.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks for buying a new board!!!

He ordered a custom board.Dims are 5'9" x 19 5/8 x 2 3/8.Poly foam and poly resin with 4x4 cloth on deck and 4 on bottom.It's very light wight.FCS fusion 5 fin system.
The board is sold as U.S. $395 included 5 fins.
He wanted a board in small wave to head high beach break and point break.Super fast and easy paddle and easy take off.He has many collection of vintage boards and he usually rides those but he want more fast and more high performance.I mixed his desire and my imagination and it came up with great result.It has full rail and nose+tail area are high performance but it's flat deck and retro-ish shape,so feels  more volume than actual thickness.And those make the board go lightning fast and turn radically.The entire board rocker is lower except lift up nose+tail that makes really easy to paddle and take off.He said he always late take off,so I put slightly tight tail that and the rocker help late take off.Bottom contour is flat entry + slightly single concave under your chest to belly area + double concave to double barrel concave fin area + vee out.
Here is more photos
I can make it deferent size up to your desire,let's discus about it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Michael Jackson is forever

I don't really video games but I think this is good.Because kids can play also they learn dancing and mind of Michael.They become to like him and they know peaceful is important.Well,I love Michael Jackson anyhow.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Uppers surf report 4.10.2011

Wahoo!Today's uppers was so fun!Size down but still good size shoulder to head high.Off shore to no wind until 9AM.I got good ones and cut my feet and hit my leg.That's all good! People?so many dude...
I hope tomorrow is still fun.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

cottons surf report 4.9.2011

 Today's cottons was so fun! Still bumpy but big and no many people.sometime bigggg sets were breaking aaaaall the way outside and no body on it.I brought my 5'11 today but I should bring longer board to get bigggg ones.
I guess tomorrow should be less bump but still have good size.
By the way,uppers looks so busy today.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Carbon fiber cloth

 I found some carbon fiber cloth for material of surfboards.Actually a professional glasser guy gave me as samples.Thank you so much and I appreciate it.
It's not just carbon fiber,it's very strong and thick and very expensive for stand up paddle boards.
I already came up with a lot of imagination.
Who wants to get it?

Terry Martin's tool 2

Today,I went to see Terry and give him my hand made tool.He was so happy and we went to put it in his new shaping room at Hobie Surfboards in Dana Point.The room is looks so nice and all the light positioning is perfect and you can see inside of shaping room from outside while he's shaping.
I saw some Tyler Warren's blanks for bar of soap that looks so interesting and wondering me how he shape those.Yes,of course Tyler Warren will be shaping in same room and also you can watch him from outside.
After for a while we went back to his house.He and his wife bought a book for me and gave it to me.I'm so happy about their kindness and I appreciate it.So I gave them my favorite CD of Hawaiian music(Kohala).After that finally he asked me to have his old tool.Oh!my god!Of course I said "YES"I'm so happy today!He's used the tool years and years,so I think his soul into the tool and I use the tool and then our soul into surfboards I will shape!
Bring those legend shaper's soul to the future,that's what I want to do.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vegetarian curry

I made vegetarian curry.It's so delicious.
I put onion,carrot,potato,tomato,garlic,spinach,egg plant,apple and beet.
Also coconuts oil and olive oil.
All ingredients and oils are organic.
Bunch of white rice.
I'm so happy.

Uppers surf report 4.5.2011

First of all,I'm sorry for no picture.I forgot to take photos because wave was pretty good when I got there about noon.It's like waist to shoulder high,occasionally headhigh.Wind was calm until 2pm.A local guy said this morning was really good at lowers but at 10am,60 surfers at lowers then he came to uppers and wave was still fun.When I left the beach at 3pm it's kinda windy and choppy but like after 6pm,wind got clam again,surf might be good at sunset time. well ,I guess no time to surf tomorrow and surf will be still fun.So you have good wave tomorrow,Happy surfing!

Terry Martin's tool

Terry told me that I have good eyes and skill,what I need is good tools and good shaping room.He has been teaching me how to make tools.He made some shaping block for me which is same as he use and those are really good.Then I want to return the favor and I found nice wood materials.He told me that I need one and I have extra material so I made one for him and I put his logo on it.
100% hand made.
Sorry for it can't be published whole shape.
Anyway,I'm excited to see him and show it to him.

Business card & holder

I made my business card and 100% hand made card holder.
Those will be in Basham's the factory,Wawa Treading and Surfing Heritage Museum.
Coming soon...

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