Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Real surf shop Terry Senate Surfboards 2

I went to Terry Senate Surfboards today.
Terry wasn't there but I met charles.
He does glassing and all other progress of making surfboards except shaping.
Terry and Charles,their conbination makes Terry Senate Surfboards.
We had a conversation for while and he took me to the glassing room.
He let me watch and learn it.
Thank you Charles!

In a couple hour,he finished installing leash plugs and single fin box
for a couple of longboards and a couple of shortboards.
Real crafts man is here.
He said next time he show me how to install Future fin plugs.
Thank you so much!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ride bike = Ride wave

I used to dream to be a bike racer.
But the dream was destroyed for a reason.
I think that's why I met surfing.
And I love surfing now.
That's all good.
Anyway,those moto GP racer riding bike like surfing.
I love it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The coolest surf shop SURFY SURFY

I think most of surfer in Socal already know about SURFY SURFY.
They have amazing cllection of surfboards and clothing.
Surfboards from all the legends.
High quality original clothing.
Everything is you can't get anywhere else.

First time I came here,it was closed.
But it's open today!
I watch their blog everyday and everynight.
Staff is super nice and good vibration.
I left quicky because I don't but anything today.
But Surfy Surfy said
"come hang out anytime"
oh my god.Yes,I do!

They are located in 974 N Coast Hwy
Leucadia, San Diego, California.
The coolest surf shop I ever seen.
I love this shop!
oh! they have secret sale on Monday May 30th.
Don't miss it!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Because I love surfing...

California Dreaming in San Diego

Water color is emerald green

Palm tree got hair cut

California sunshine is in the sky

I already feel summer

Mitch goes to Mitch's Surf Shop

I went to Mitch's Surf Shop in San Diego today.
I've known this surf shop since long time ago because they have a website and they have really good selections,especially surfboards.

They have been around since 1967.
More than 10 years before I was born.
They are located in 5 minutes from La Jolla Shore.

Mitch & Mitch
Yes,he is the owner of Mitch's Surf Shop.
I just thought the owner should be a white guy because of "Mitch".
But he is a Japanese guy,so I was surprised.
I like their T-shirts and other stuff and of course surfboards.
He told me the other Mitch's Surf Shop in Solana Beach.
So I went there too.
I bought a San Diego surf spot map.
And the other employee gave me some shop stickers.
Thank you guys!
I'll be right back!

This is Mitch's Surf Shop in Solana Beach.
They are located in westside of PCH.

They also have really good selections too.
The employees are very nice and good vibration.
I love Mitch's Surf Shop.
Their website is here

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I went to doctor today.He said my knee take 2 to 3 weeks more because meniscus is inside of knee,so there is not much blood go through as outside.I need to do is keep continue ice and hot and massage around my knee and my thigh to make blood go and relax muscles.Stay away from any allergy food.I want to natural cure.I don't want surgery.O.K. I can do it. because I wanna surf and shape.
I'll be surfing.I'll be shaping.I'll be surfing.I'll be shaping.I'll be surfing.I'll be shaping.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Japanese old school bike 2

I love the beautiful curves and the sound.

San Clemente Surfboards by Paul Carter

I've been interested in a small surf shop in San Clemente since long time ago.
So finally I stopped by because I feel like it.
Once I got inside,I already felt good vibration.
Beautiful surfboards and beautiful arts.
Nice T-shirts saying about respect the planet.
YES. I love it.
And I talked to a guy own the shop,his name is Paul Carter.
He has amazing positive vibe and I felt he is a nice guy.
He does hand shape surfboards and  art and a pro surfer.
I saw some longboards with Hobie logo and his sign on it.
He said he used to shape for hobie and he knows Terry Martin.
We talked for while and he gave me a picture that he draw even though I just met him.
I'm so happy and we took some photos of us with his surfboards.
Yes,I had a great day. Thank you Paul!
 Yes Paul.Hand shape has soul.

 We love sun

 Positive viblation
Old Dana point 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Free demo surfboard at T-street

Last night,my friend called me to go surfing.But my knee still hurts,so I just went to watch surfing today.
I wanted to make some reason to be at beach then I came up with an idea of free dome.
I wrote it down on a cardboard and I sit and wait for someone talking to me.
I was there about two hours but finally nobady ask for demo.
I think I look like a homeless? and nobady knows about Sun Dolphin Surfboards.
I should notice on facebook and this blog next time.
Of course I don't give up,never give up!
Anyway,I haven't been out of house for while,so beach is feels sooo good!
I love ocean.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slowly and surely

I'm having meniscus injury on my right knee.But it's fortunately not major problem.
I'm getting better slowly and surely.
Just like the world getting peace slowly and surely.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Customer feedback

Today I went to get some food from Guicho's. And I brought it to T-street and eating delicious eggplant pasta and watching beautiful view.I ate half of them and I suddenly felt something cold on my skin.I thought it's rain but it looks white.I realized it's bird s**t. (just liiiiiiiiittle bit) I looked up and I saw pelican family in the sky.
Oh my goodness! I felt no good but the food was so tasty.So I made sure s**t didn't get on my food and I finished.
Of course I don't feel good. right?
BUT! I just got e-mail from my customer and it's feedback about a surfboard I shaped.
This is what he wrote

hey mitch,

hope you're doing well. your board is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!! thanks so much. i've been away until the middle of last week and there were no waves but i tried it out a couple of days ago and it's so cool. it rides beautifully, really fast too. i***h p**l rode it as well and loved it. i just showed it to a friend g**g who loved it and would like you to make him one but bigger because he's 185 lbs. i gave him your number and he said he's going to be in touch with you. to see you soon.



He made my day and I'm so happy now.

 Good night!

Beauty in everything god made

Pelican family

Wild flower

Power spot

Charging energy

Material of surfboards

Friday, May 13, 2011

Beautiful sunset

This sunset is at secret spot in San Clemente , California.
San Clemente is waiting for you coming back.

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