Sunday, July 24, 2011

Progress of shaping 6'2"

It's almost done.
It needs to be done for
nose tail
and final shape
then paint by myself.

I had 3 special guest today.
Photographer Kentaro Minato.
Shaper Terry Martin.
Shaper Terry Senate.
Thanks for coming and helping.

Friday, July 22, 2011

making NO NUKES Surfboard

Design NO NUKES logo on computer.

Test print on regular paper.

Print on rice paper.
And this goes inlay of my next surfboard.
I hope this thought goes all over the world
and no more nuclear in the world.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to shape

Finally I'm back to shape.
My knee is getting better little by little.
And it's time to use new power tool.
My Hitachi is awesome!
I started to work on 6'2" 2+1fin board today.
It will come up nice and great.
Also I had a special guest today.
My best friend Jeff!

Thanks for come by!

Original light switch

Made by Mitch

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bodyboarding on recovery from injury

I went to bodyboarding today. I really want to surf but I'm still on recovery from my knee injury.I go see new chiropractic 3 times a week and it's getting better and the doctor said if I feel my knee is O.K. ,I can start bodyboarding then that helps my feeling better.So I started swimming in ocean and now started bodyboarding. The fact that really help my feeling much much better.And I think I can learn something from bodyboarding too.I really appreciate everyone trying to help me and my best friend Jeff take me back in the water finally.
I need ocean, I love ocean and ocean gives me a lot of things so I want to do good stuff for ocean.
Yes,we need to keep ocean clean!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hitachi Power Planer Shaper's full custom.

Today,my best friend took me to San Diego
and we went to Mitch's Surf Shop
and I bought a brand new Hitachi power planer.
It's custom for surfboard shaper.
The mechanism that controls the cutting depth has been modified to make a full cut with only a quarter turn of the knob.
The new features include a modified rear handle
two way pass clearance
precision depth adjustment mechanism (sealed)
20' cord
Exhaust Attachment
and improved sealed bearings for more power.
And I put base extension.
Base extension to extend the base length of a hitachi surfboard shaping planer.
The stock base length is about 6"-3/8" .
The extension is about 9".
The longer footprint and heavier solid 6061 aluminum base improve the performance of the planer.
Pricision CNC machined.
The increased weight makes kickback minimal when you hit stringers.
The increased footprint length makes the planer track more evenly.
After that we went to do paipoboarding at Seaside Reef.
I haven't been in ocean for over two month.
So I had amazing time.
I love ocean.
I'm charged!
Today was good day.
Thanks Jeff!

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